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West Bridge Regional Center

West Bridge Regional Center (WBRC) is a United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Approved Regional Center for EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. The Regional Center creates and invests in a series new enterprises, in the form of Limited Partnerships allowing EB-5 investors to invest into the Projects as Limited Partners.

We have a customized boutique approach for each investor and project. WBRC deals very closely with both project developers and investors to ensure we are in full compliance with USCIS requirements. We realize EB5 investors are doing this for the first and only time, therefore we take time to explain the process and each project to ensure clear and concise upfront communication. Our diligent and customized approach ensures that both investors and project developer expectations are met.

We currently have the following projects active projects:

  • Oil & Gas wells in Permian Basin – individual wells and mineral leases

We are also reviewing the following prospective projects:

  • Commercial real estate development of shopping centers – these are small shopping centers on avg. 20,000SqFT on 2 acre lots
  • Residential real estate development multi-family dwelling (has potential for custom project for investors) – several types
  • Senior Living center – 100+ unit senior living/assisted living/memory care

To meet USCIS requirements the investment into the projects must place money “at risk” – there is no guaranteed return on any USCIS EB5 projects. Additionally, to meet USCIS requirements these projects have been identified to create more than ten full time jobs within an eighteen month timeline.

The business goals of West Bridge Regional Center is to:

  1. Identify and analyze projects worthy of potential investments.
    Qualify the projects as EB5 with USCIS.
  2. Identify, market, attract, and qualify foreign investors to potentially invest in the projects.
  3. Manage the project investment as the General Partner for each project.
    Monitor compliance of projects.

​Finally, one of the most important benefits to a regional center investment is the ability to use indirect and induced job creation to meet the job creation needs of the EB-5 investors. A non-regional center EB-5 investment is restricted to direct job creation in the particular business they invest.

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The Regional Center is focused on providing the following benefits:

  1. Additional capital to help expand development development projects in the United States.
  2. Create jobs and expertise in the Oil and Gas sector particularly in rural areas.
  3. Create jobs and expertise in real estate development, with a focus on senior living.
  4. Expedited and legally approved U.S. immigration to international investors and their families.
  5. Investment vehicle taking full advantage of U.S. income tax credits.